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Welcome to the Dodgy Dossier. Here can be found reports from, amongst other contributors, the Campaign's team of newshounds, as well as our resident economic analyst Charlotte-Anne Schreiber. Some of the stories in this part of the web site may be informative, but please be warned that they have been written with tongue firmly in cheek and should  not be taken too seriously. Have a good laugh!

To George, from Mervyn

On Wednesday the Bank of England publishes its quarterly inflation report and the Governor, Mervyn King, will tomorrow write his customary official letter to the Chancellor explaining the reasons why the target of 2% has not been met for the 10th time since April 2007. Our man on the inside managed to hack into the Governor's computer and has emailed a copy of a private letter sent to Downing Street ahead of the official letter. We are pleased to publish it in full for the benefit of our readers.

The Hero of G Zero

It was reported on Thursday that Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University, said in advance of the G20 annual Davos meeting "There is complete disagreement and disarray. There is no agreement on anything. We are in a world where there is no leadership." In other words, G20 has become G Zero. In recognition of his honesty we make the following offering:

Nobody Knows

It is said nobody knows where we are
Or how far
We have to go
Before the effects of the snow
Are a thing of the past.
To who should we turn
If nobody knows what to do?

Peers threaten revolt on plans to scrap council house inheritance

Newsflash. Dodgy Dossier has just received a report that the government will come under fire over its plans to end inheritance.

Peers threaten revolt on plans to scrap council house inheritance "We could be next," claims spokesman.

Irony and our Dodgy Dossier

Our Dodgy Dossier consists of items written tongue-in-cheek. The aim is to entertain and employ irony to expose some of the current nonsense that is dominating public debate. Our website is meant to be a serious resource for those campaigning for the economic reforms that we advocate, but we make no apology for introducing material which makes the same points in a lighter vein. Relax and enjoy it.

Chancellor rules out solution to economic crisis

"I intend to continue taxing wages, good and services."

Ahead of the spending review to be announced in Parliament on Wednesday, the Chancellor, George Osborne, stated last night that he was prepared to do anything to solve the unprecedented financial crisis - except consider the one reform that would help regenerate the economy and lead to a long term solution.

Chancellor clarifies benefits statement

Reports are coming in of a heated exchange at the Conservatory Party conference between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and representatives from The Landed Gentry Association.

A spokesman told us, "Earlier in the week the Chancellor made a statement that he intended to put 'a limit on benefits received'. Naturally we sought urgent clarification that this policy would not affect the members of our Association and our affiliate, The Land Speculators Guild. We wanted to make sure the unearned benefits we received in land value would be ring fenced and not be included in the proposed cuts."

New political party forming

"The crisis facing our country needs a new approach," says spokesman. A new political party with the slogan 'No taxation without repression' has been formed by rebel MPs taking a lead from Sarah Palin's runaway success in America . Although too late to have a conference this year, the new party plan to issue a Press Release stating their objectives. We have been fortunate in obtaining an advance copy ahead of general release next week.

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