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The LVTC blog, by Henry Law

The comments in the LVTC Blog are a personal view of our Hon. Secretary Henry Law and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Campaign.

This is a place for personal observations and comments on politics, economics, current affairs, on-going discussions on the potential for LVT to remedy some of the current ills, and the impact on Society of any of the above. 

Please read and enjoy, and feel free to respond to Henry if you have any thing you would like to add.

The wickedness of Tax Justice

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Some further thoughts on my post from yesterday on Richard Murphy's new comments policy.

Tax Research censorship policy

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Some of our readers will have been trying to convince Richard Murphy of Tax Research that LVT is an essential component of any serious package of reforms that will address the current epidemic of tax avoidance. He is now fed up with people try to tell him this and is imposing a censorship policy.

"Having reflected on this one obvious way to cut out some work is to get rid of all the comments that are posted here in contravention of the comments policy."

"Tax Justice" can not be serious

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TJN gets funding from the Rowntree Foundation. Look where Rowntree's money comes from! The funny thing is that TJN and its chief brain Richard Murphy have been having a go at some of the firms on the list. If they put forward a proposal that seriously addressed the problem they claimed to be concerned about, they could wake up next morning to find their supply of funds had been cut off. They would quickly be silenced as well. As is no secret, Murphy also advises the union that represents the civil servants who run the present tax system. They would soon ditch him he started to advocate a policy that got rid of their jobs.

In the meantime TJN and Murphy, whether deliberately or not, are doing a fine job in distracting attention from the one policy that would address their purported concerns. The concern industry is part of the problem.

The Google Red Herring

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Google makes a lot of money. The company is often cited by those who purport to be fighting against injustice in taxation, as an example of an outfit that would get off scot-free by relocating its head office to some remote place - such as an island off the coast of Greenland. The so-called Tax Justice Network (TJN) likes to wheel out this argument as a reason why LVT is not the way forward when it comes to dealing with tax avoidance.

Political Economy according to Gollum

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Gollum in the Cave

I have been in discussion with someone on the blog of a supporter of LVT who sometimes writes on the subject. His ideas came under attack by an anonymous individual whose views seem to have much in common with those held by Gollum, a character from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. But since these idea are so widespread, the exchange is worth publishing even though it is not enlightening.

A stupid exchange of views on "Georgism"

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I have been in correspondence on another blog with a cowardly commentator who insists on calling himself Anonymous. His postings are as fine a collection of misconceptions and false conclusions about LVT as I have come across for a long time.

He quotes as an authority a Paul Birch, a member of the UKIP, who has written a "Critique of Georgism". Birch has obviously not gone back to the original source material. There is no excuse for that as it is readily available. Whilst the original texts are nineteenth century and perhaps turgid by contemporary standards there are perfectly good editions of George, in particular, that published by the Hogarth Press.

The title of George's book is "Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry in the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth... The Remedy". One can accept his argument or one can put up counter arguments as to alternative causes. If one cannot provide an alternative explanation for the causes then George's conclusions have to be accepted.

As to George's "remedy", the same applies. Having failed to provide an alternative explanation, it is incumbent on the objector to put up an alternative remedy to George's.

Anyone who persists in their objects after that is complicit in the economic system which has lead to, and perpetuates, the poverty of millions, and in the economic disruptions and misery which result from the economic cycle.

I've bought that land with my money

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I've bought that land with my money. Why should I pay tax on it?

The piece of land that someone buys would quickly lose its value if the state of civil order were to deteriorate, or people were to move away or if the community did not constantly sustain that value by ensuring that the physical and social infrastructure is kept in good order, all at the expense of the taxpayer. That is a valuable service and worth paying for, is it not?

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