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Get off my land

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Gerrorff my land
This old story was told me by Vic Blundell, who for many years ran the various Georgist groups in Vauxhall Bridge Road.

A prosperous landowner is riding though his country estate. He comes across a notorious poacher with a brace of pheasants under his arm.

Landowner: "You're trespassing! Get off my land!"

Poacher: "Your land? How did you get this land?"

Landowner: "Impudent scoundrel! I inherited it from my father."

Poacher: "Where did your father get the land from?"

Landowner: "From his father, of course."

Poacher: "Where did he get it from?"

Landowner: "This land has belonged to our family for generations."

Poacher: "How did your family get the land in the first place?"

Landowner: "My ancestors fought for it."

Poacher: "Then come down off that horse and I'll fight you for it now!"

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