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The 2020 Business Rates Consultation

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This video discusses the 2020 Consultation document, with suggestions for replies to the questions asked.


The staff-cutting imperative

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The current disruptions on the railways, the cost of care for the elderly and a host of other issues affecting labour-intensive services can all be traced to a single cause: that the principal sources of public revenue should come from the taxation of labour, goods and services rather than the taxation of the rental value of land, which is what we have consistently advocated.


Eurofail #1 - VAT

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The EU began as a noble concept. Unfortunately, it has consistently got the economics wrong, thereby sowing the seeds of its ultimate disintegration. The EU gave us VAT, CAP, a tariff wall and expensive food. It would be difficult to conceive of a worse combination, apart from capping them with a common currency. Bearing in mind that all taxes apart from LVT amplify the effects of locational disadvantage, it is not surprising that support for Brexit came from the country's margins, not excluding parts of the South-East. This is not to suggest that those who voted to leave were making a reasoned and calculated choice. At that level it was a gut reaction, with nasty overtones. However, if one neglects one's back garden, weeds will grow. Some, such as knotweed, can undermine a house. The UK has neglected its fringes for many decades.

The first of the ugly sisters is VAT.


Land a bigger fish than the Mansion Tax minnow

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On 15th Sept. a colloquium on land value tax (LVT), held at the Westminster HQ of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), was presented with economic analysis suggesting that a single annual tax based on land values would be capable of producing potential revenue flows of £82 billion: sufficient to replace all existing property taxes.


What housing crisis?

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What housing crisis? Article by Mark Wadsworth.


Land and wealth

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Land values are real capital - genuine wealth. Actually, no.

These articles by Mark Wadsworth demolish some common misconceptions about land, which currently bedevil discussion on the subject. They have surfaced yet again in the wake of Piketty's new book.

 • Land is just capital like any other kind of capital (link to article)
• House prices will plummet and wealth will be destroyed (link to article)
• House prices will plummet and millions will be trapped in negative equity (link to article)
• House prices will plummet and banks will go bankrupt

 (link to article)
• "Banks pay lots of tax. Without them, the country will go bankrupt" (link to article)
• House prices will plummet and the tax base will disappear (link to article)

The need for large-scale landscape management

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Climate change is a topic on which the Campaign does not take a view. We hold to our self-imposed terms of reference, on the basis that our supporters have differing views on just about everything apart from LVT. This is as it should be. This winter's weather, however, raises the issue of large-scale landscape management. It may turn out to be a one-off event or part of a new pattern, but what happens to water once it had fallen is certainly a matter that should be discussed now.
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